About us

NaFarm foods is a Nigerian farm food producer based in Kaduna. The company was established in 2015 sourcing for it raw material from different farms across the country with intention of producing and preserving foods using natural means (without using any chemical additive or preservative) then packaging to suit the purpose of our consumers.

Our primary product is “Fresh Tomato” – collected directly from the farm washed and dried in our thermal drying systems then grinded into powder to save our customers enormous time and money in cooking.

We also have other products too which can be found under the list of our product listings.


Our Mission

Our aim is to provide fresh and top quality fresh food to our valuable customers at an affordable rate



We have designed the following objectives to help us succeed in this mission;


  1. To eliminate the use of preservative in our foods
  2. To preserve our foods using natural and hygiene methods
  3. To help our customers save cost
  4. To ensure that our customers find relief and reliance in our product

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